In-house Wellness Spa: Massages, Facials, Aromatherapy & Reiki. A vacation, anniversary, or weekend getaway is a perfect time to start or continue a wellness program. At Villa del Cabo we offer several packages and each wellness treatment will enhance your experience and ultimately will help you to relax and feel better - physically, mentally and spiritually.

All of our wellness treatments can be experienced in the convenience and privacy of our rental executive villa. You can choose treatment and time at your convenience giving you the best possible flexibility. Wellness programs acknowledge the mind-body connection and aim for stress reduction through complementary and alternative medicine techniques in order to improve health and wellness. It includes massages and facials, aromatherapy, organic food and beverages, reiki and more. Wellness is more than the mere absence of disease; rather it aims for an optimal state of health.

In-house Culinary Treats: Mexican food is one of the finest and varied cuisines of the world with an endless array of ingredients including chilies, chocolate, corn, beans, avocados and seafood that are combined into flavorful dishes. To make your stay at our rental villa even more complete we are offering the service of a professional chef, who prepares delicious meals in the convenience of your villa. So relax and enjoy your vacation without the worries of choosing a restaurant and making reservations. Your delicious meal is ready to be served within the convenience of your own rental villa.

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